10 Ways to Recycle Period Pads – Sponsored by Poise

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10 Ways to Recycle Period Pads – Sponsored by Poise

10 Ways to Recycle Period Pads – Sponsored by Poise

Okay mommas who is ready to recycle period pads?! It is time to get rid of all of those unused period pads! I want you to recycle them and not just throw them in the trash! So I came up with a master list for you on all the ways you can recycle period pads! Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) and many of them are using period pads instead of using Poise Pads. I remember before I had my first daughter I was told that I would need big comfy pads. Then after a little while, I could switch to thin pads. After the first few weeks of post partum, I shouldn’t have been using period pads at all. I needed some Poise pads while my body gained a little more control.


So what happens when you get several moms to visit a high rock-climbing course! With my fear of heights you better believe I did what I can to keep myself dry. It is okay ladies, I know at least 1 of 3 of you want them for when you go to the gym. COMPLETELY normal! Don’t you want to be dry! Okay so now it time to get rid of all those period pads!

1. Cleaning Pads – I clean my fans with them and the dust stays ON the pad! I do get them a little damp.
2. Floor Mops! They do great with my laminate floors!
3. Bloody Scratches: If you have kids as soon as they fall of their bike and they see blood, cover it up with a pad.
4. Plant filters. Place them on the bottom of plants!
5. Art projects. Cut off those wings, have your kids paint them, and now you have Barbie beds!
6. Make bracelets out of them. I have seen it done before!
7. A puppy-training pad! Stick them to the bottom of their mat so if they have an accident it can keep your floor dry!
8. Make a door hanger out of them!
9. Kitchen to soak up the grease! It isn’t good to throw grease in your garbage disposal, so soak them up!
10. Make an Ice-Pack!

Thank you POISE for sponsoring this campaign! Okay ladies, grab your FREE sample!


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