2017 Making Better Choices

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It is January of the New Year and you have made your resolutions, you have made a bunch of promises to yourself and now it is time to execute. Making better choices with my time, money, and body are always first on my list. My partnership with Hiland Dairy helps make keep your New Year’s resolutions possible!

Making Better Choices for 2017

Almond milk on rustic wooden table

Time: My to-do lists and spreadsheets are up, my kids have their chores, and my husband and I are being a great team to get stuff done around the house..

Money: Cut expenses and find ways to increase earnings.

Mind: People need to consider having a healthy mind as well and keeping their emotions in tact. Sometimes the stresses of the common day world requires us to talk to those we love, spending time on ourselves, and doing things like yoga and meditation.

Body: It is time to make some better decisions. Hiland Dairy can help you do so! We like to go for Sherbet rather than ice cream and we also like to include milk in our daily lives. I try to convince my girls to have a glass of milk at meals rather than juice and soda. I also like to find ways to cut calories!

Easy steps to follow to gear up toward a better you!

  1.  Set some goals in life.
  2. Create a timeline of an average day and focus on touching on doing something to help with time, money, mind, and body.
  3. Keep a journal!
  4. Prepare your house and food choices by filling your home with healthier choices and allowing areas in your home for exercise, relaxation, and even financial goal setting.
  5. TODAY: Sign up with Hiland Dairy and receive free tips to help with their health and wellness throughout the year!

I wanted to share a fun story with all of you! I am creating a recipe that will be shared soon about a watch party. Instead of a fatty desert, I made a drink with Hiland Dairy Sherbert and 7up. It is a lot less fat grams and sugar than regular ice cream.



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    I really like the one about “increasing income.” I wish that was that simple, sometimes. My hubby and I could definitely use a better “chore” mindset. Neither of us like housework – and love to play. LOL.

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