5 Things You MUST Do Before Visiting Disney World

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5 Things You MUST Do Before Visiting Disney World

  1. Plan ahead by ordering these FREE custom Maps of the parks! Choose what you want on the maps, mine came with stickers and fun stuff to go with it!
  2. Buy your trading pins on Ebay! You can save TONS of money and your kids will be able to trade and get the pins the want out of the stack of trading pins!
  3. Order some groceries from Garden Grocers and have them delivered to your room. Think granola bars, fruit, fruit snacks, Pop Tarts, anything that will be easy on the go or great for a snack before bed!
  4. Come up with a PLAN. You do not want to go Disney World blindsided. You don’t want to not book anything and just see what there is when you get there. You have to have a plan. Decide which characters are the most important that you have to meet and try to set up a character meal to meet them to save lots of time. Then decide on which rides you want to do at which park and make sure those get fast passes first. I would suggest depending on your time of stay dedicate at least one day each for every park.
  5. Save some money! You can definitely do Disney World on a budget but it is a lot less stressful when your budget is a little larger. You want to know that if you decide that you need to grab more food or pick up an extra souvenir you aren’t stressed about the finances.
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