Adthrive is Still Going Strong After Mode Shuts Their Doors!

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I am sorry to all of the employees, investors, bloggers, and more who lost their jobs and money due to a company going bankrupt (Mode). I have been on both ends of the spectrums…actually on three different sides and they all suck! They are all terrible and no good. I have read many articles and it made me concerned with the companies that I work with. I know that any day they can just go under. It is safe to send them a follow up e-mail from time to time to see how they are doing.

I decided to ask my favorite Ad Network, Adthrive how they are doing and if they have been affected the same way that the article claim that caused Mode to go under. Their response was confirming and I thought I would share it with all of you (those I network with in FB groups, making me want to write it all out here, so it can be shared).

Finding out if your other networks are next, won’t hurt for you to do some of your own research and looking into the partners you do business with.  Although, these things happen to sneak up on customers, you should try to protect your hard earned money.

Adthrive is Still Going Strong After Mode Shuts Their Doors!

My Email to My Friends at Adthrive:

Sep 19, 7:47 PM EDT

I was reading the NYPOST article about Mode shutting down.

The line that made me want to contact all of you to see if you were doing good was:

“The company, with revenue of around $100 million, was hurt by a rapid decline in the price of internet banner ads in the past several years and the rise of programmatic ad buying that sought the lowest-priced ad outlets.”

How is Adthrive doing financially? Has this affected your/our financials (I say “OUR” b/c I consider myself part of the team).

Also, can I share your response with a small group of bloggers on Facebook as many of them are trying to move to AdThrive.




Adthrive’s Reply:

Hi Enza,

Great question! We have been heartbroken for the publishers who lost money after the mode closing and literally cannot fathom putting our network at risk that way. AdThrive is stronger and better than ever!

According to that article, the reason Mode shut down was in part because they were not ready for the industry change toward programmatic advertising. They sold their ads “the old fashioned way” and didn’t adjust to the changing industry (according to that article.)

The good news for you (and all AdThrive publishers) is that AdThrive has always been on the leading edge of the change toward programmatic advertising, and we primarily sell ads programmatically. We’ve used industry-leading technology and have always adjusted to what was coming next to protect our bloggers’ sites and businesses.

We’ve seen many other networks come and go in the time since AdThrive was started, and have been warning about these dying networks for years. One of the things we’ve recommended to our bloggers most often has been to avoid these old-school type networks because of vulnerabilities just like this. At the same time those other networks have gone downhill, AdThrive has continued to grow and is healthier than ever!

AdThrive, unlike almost all other ad networks in our industry, is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which means that Google actually dug into our financials and our business to make sure we are healthy and can be trusted enough to be directly certified by Google themselves. We’re unique among most other networks in that we have that third party certification.

As an added bonus – our founder has a personal conviction against debt, and so AdThrive has none. We (us and you – you are totally part of this team!) remain strong, healthy and poised for how the industry is adjusting. We’re currently working on even more partnerships, more options for our bloggers and more ways to increase your incomes than ever before – I see only blue skies ahead! 🙂

I hope this helps! Feel free to share it out as much as you’d like. If you have any other questions, we’re happy to help!

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