Spread the Love With Your Community #UltraHug Contest


Spread the Love With Your Community #UltraHug Contest They say that the best things in life are free! What they are referring to is the love and memories that you create. I have two small girls and I have learned that quality time is very important. They both show their own type of love language with hugs, kisses, and quality time. I have a 6 year old and a VERY active 1 year old. She is all over the place, {Read More}

10 Ways to Recycle Period Pads – Sponsored by Poise


10 Ways to Recycle Period Pads – Sponsored by Poise Okay mommas who is ready to recycle period pads?! It is time to get rid of all of those unused period pads! I want you to recycle them and not just throw them in the trash! So I came up with a master list for you on all the ways you can recycle period pads! Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) and many {Read More}

Travel Oregon: Explore Nature, College Life and Goonies Never Say Die!

Travel Oregon Mitsubishi Outlander

Oregon is one of the more unique states in our country. Portland is weird and wonderful and absolutely worth a visit, but there are countless beautiful parks, waterfalls, coastlines to explore. The state has a unique film history as well with cult classics like “Animal House” and “The Goonies” both taking place in parts of Oregon. Here’s a recap of our three days in Oregon. Travel Oregon Day 1: Silver Falls State Park, Trillium Lake, Columbia River Highway Our first night {Read More}

Hamburger Helper Recipe: 4 Cheese Lasagna Sandwiches– RARE FREE Beef Offer #freebeef #helper


Are you looking for a really quick and easy recipe that will save you and your family some time and money? If so, tonight my family and I ate a very yummy and cheap meal with this Hamburger Helper Recipe! Right now you can score a RARE FREE BEEF Rebate when you purchase any 3 Hamburger Helper boxes. This makes for a really cheap way to feed a family of 4! You can find Hamburger Helper for less than a {Read More}

Monkey Kingdom Review – Maya the Mom


I was invited on an expense paid trip and on a press screening to view this film. All opinions are my own. Monkey Kingdom is all about mommies and their babies. It is a beautiful documentary for the entire family. I was honored to screen this movie, not only in San Francisco when visiting Pixar, but this week while in Orlando for #MonkeyKingdomEvent press trip.  I absolutely fell in love with the monkeys in this film.  Disneynature did an amazing {Read More}

OITNB NEW Season 3 Trailer #SorryNotSorry

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.14.39 PM

Season 3 trailer was JUST published on YouTube from Netflix!  Be sure to check it out!  This is one of those shows you want to binge watch that is exclusive to Netflix. Be sure your kids are in bed and that you aren’t too sensitive to some topics because it is rated RR! 🙂  I just had to share because I know how popular this show is and how well it is written with it’s complexity.

Earth Day Lesson Plans About Disney’s Monkey Kingdom #MonkeyKingdomEvent

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Earth Day Lesson Plans About Disney’s Monkey Kingdom is available for all families and educators to download and use! There are 8 sets of lessons and about 100 pages worth! There are resources, worksheets, activities, and more! These Monkey Kingdom themed lessons make the best Earth Day Lesson Plans! 8 Amazing Earth Day Lesson Plans Lesson 1: Where Do Toque Macaques Live? Lesson 2: Who Shares a Banyan Tree with the Toque Macaques? Lesson 3: How is a Toque Macaque {Read More}

Outdoor Spring Activities List – Great to get the kids outdoors!

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With Spring around the corner you are probably thinking of some fun activities that you can do outside with your kids! Playing outside and getting some fresh air can be therapeutic to you and your children. I know that allergies can sometimes get in the way but for me find that play time is very enjoyable. It also lets my kids burn off some much needed energy. Here is a list of fun activities that every kid loves. Outdoor Spring {Read More}

Spread the Love with Huggies #UltraHug


I love taking photos of my girls! I love getting my big camera out and trying to get as many photos as possible. Sometimes I like to go through my camera and my phone and reminisce and checkout how fast my girls are growing! I remember them being small but it is so hard to picture. I remember specific moments. Like rocking my youngest as she screamed with colic and my husband trying to remind me that one day I {Read More}

Depend LBL Awareness – Help Raise 3 Million

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  Depend has been doing what some might call an uncomfortable campaign for a couple of years now. They have been telling folks for about a year to drop their pants to bring awareness to light bladder leakage. I know men suffer from the same issue but so do many women. Especially after giving birth, things just don’t always go back where they are supposed to go. This Depend LBL Awareness has been successful so far raising already well over 1 {Read More}