5 Things You MUST Do Before Visiting Disney World

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Plan ahead by ordering these FREE custom Maps of the parks! Choose what you want on the maps, mine came with stickers and fun stuff to go with it! Buy your trading pins on Ebay! You can save TONS of money and your kids will be able to trade and get the pins the want out of the stack of trading pins! Order some groceries from Garden Grocers and have them delivered to your room. Think granola bars, fruit, fruit {Read More}

Monkey Kingdom Review – Maya the Mom


I was invited on an expense paid trip and on a press screening to view this film. All opinions are my own. Monkey Kingdom is all about mommies and their babies. It is a beautiful documentary for the entire family. I was honored to screen this movie, not only in San Francisco when visiting Pixar, but this week while in Orlando for #MonkeyKingdomEvent press trip.  I absolutely fell in love with the monkeys in this film.  Disneynature did an amazing {Read More}

Disney’s Big Hero 6: Voiceover of Baymax! #BigHero6Event

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Disclaimer: I was invited to LA for the screening and press day for Big Hero 6. All expenses were covered but I was not compensated for any of this trip or my opinions. The first place box office win goes to show that the movie IS awesome! I am so excited to share with all of you that I attended the Red Carpet and a press day for Big Hero 6 a week ago!  It was so much fun and {Read More}

NEWS! Anna & Elsa Return in 2015 with “Frozen Fever”!

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It is true! I JUST got the press release! Anna and Elsa return next year with a new Disney Short called “Frozen Fever”!  I know many of you are watching the new ABC special, “The Story of Frozen: Making an Animated Classic!”  This movie was all around one of the best Disney movies ever.  That is true…sorry all of you Toy Story and Lion King fans…but Frozen hit the magic, music, and entertainment piece that fit all together to be {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen Sing-Along Arriving on DVD!

Frozen DVD

After being the #1 Movie Soundtrack of the decade, Disney brings the Frozen Sing Along Edition to DVD November 18th! If your kids are like me they enjoy anything Frozen! We have listened to the soundtrack a million times! Now when this DVD is released you can sing with them too! Experience Frozen, the hit musical comedy from Walt Disney Animation Studios, like never before in a new to DVD, full-length Sing-Along Edition! Follow the lyrics with a bouncing Frozen {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen is Getting a Sequel!

frozen sequel

Disney’s Frozen is getting a sequel! I always ask myself WHY have a sequel when a movie is so good! The sequels are never the first and usually lose a lot of the magic. BUT it is Disney and they always find a way to bring magic in to every movie that they do. Frozen made more than ONE BILLION dollars in the box office so why would they NOT want to do a sequel? At least on the business {Read More}

Guardians Of The Galaxy 17 Minute Preview Review in 17 Seconds! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent

Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy was released and it looks like everything I expect from a Marvel movie and more! This is a very surprising cast!

I sent my husband to attend the 17 minute extended preview of Guardians of the Galaxy.  I really wanted the FREE poster!  Here is his recap in 17 seconds: I attended this with Jake Phillips a moderator at the Unofficial Guardians of the Galaxy fan page. His recap will appease the die-hard fans much more. As for me I went into it excited, but completely open-minded. The only thing I know about the Guardians is what I’ve learned from trailers {Read More}

…And this just happened! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent

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Sponsored. Pinch ME! Disney just sprinkled a little magic in my inbox this week and I am allowed to share with you all of the my magical press trip! As many of you know I LOVE movies and I love great television shows. I also love meeting stars whenever given the opportunity. Who doesn’t!?! This week I got an e-mail that started with “We are looking to invite 25 of our top bloggers to Los Angeles…”! I found out I {Read More}

Tips on How to SAVE Money On Your NEXT Disney World Vacation!

Here are some EASY tips on SAVING money on your next Disney Family Vacation!

I am going to put a little bit of a disclaimer on these 5 tips to save money in Disney World on your next family vacation. IF you are going to do Disney, try not to cut too many corners because you want your time to be ENJOYABLE! I travel with babies and toddlers each time I have gone and I found that being productive and getting the MOST out of our time makes our vacation run very smooth and {Read More}