Disney’s Maleficent Movie Review Starring Angelina Jolie

Photo Credit:  Disney. From the World Premiere in LA.

It has been several years since Angelina Jolie has taken a lead roll in a movie. She hits Maleficent head on as the villain from the Disney classic, “Sleeping Beauty”. Disney does an awesome job and telling the untold story of Maleficent. There is a long hatred between man and fairies. The movie is aesthetically beautiful. The 3D affects make it feel like you are on a roller coaster type ride as you fly through the lands. The director does {Read More}

Maleficent Inspired Dessert Pops Recipe

Maleficent Inspired Cake Pops Created With Something SUPER EASY!

I have been wanting Disney Maleficent treats so bad! I have seen cute cupcakes online but that is about it! I wanted some EASY to make Maleficent Treats! Not everyone is a cake decorator, we just want to create something easy and fun to share with our kids (or for grown ups like myself). There are two HUGE events happening this year: Maleficent is going to help REALLY kick off the summer movie season on May 30th! Sleeping Beauty’s 55th {Read More}

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer and SHOCKING Cast!

Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy was released and it looks like everything I expect from a Marvel movie and more! This is a very surprising cast!

The new trailer of Guardian’s of the Galaxy was released and it looks like everything I expect from a Marvel movie and more! I love the the wittiness, kick-butt action, sweet six packs, and a talented cast! If you are a comic book fan then you are probably a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy! I find it a really shocking cast since I see many actors who usually play comedic rolls starring in this film! Guardians of the {Read More}

Maleficent Style: When evil meets beautiful. #Maleficent #MaleficentEvent

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.46.05 PM

Can a style be evil and beautiful? Maleficent means evil or harm! Disney’s new Maleficent is about the true ultimate villain. She places the curse on our loving Sleeping Beauty Princess, Aurora. The movie is going to tell the story about the Villain. I expect to see some amazing CGI effects. The previews and clips alone get me excited to see this. There is a huge star in this movie–Angelina Jolie! She is so beautiful and so evil! It made {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Snowball Marshmallow Pops

snow ball pops frozen

Everyone loves Frozen!  What about enjoying some Frozen Snowball Marshmallow Pops!  These are great for a Frozen theme party!  These are also great desserts to enjoy if having a movie night!  My daughter LOVES Frozen and I have seen some adorable party themed ideas!  These are some of my favorites! Here is what you need: Marshmallows White Wilton Melting Candy Coconut and Food Coloring Chopstick or Sucker Stick  Directions: 1.  Grab some coconut and place it in a baggie.  Add {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Marshmallow Popcorn #Peepsonality #Spons


There is nothing better than popcorn that is “Frozen” together with marshmallow, right?!  How about popcorn that is frozen together with marshmallow peeps!?!  I have an almost 5 year old daughter and we LOVE watching the movie Frozen!  It is finally out on Blu-ray/DVD and it has been super popular!  Be sure to check it out and create this yummy snack for you and your family! Popped Pop Corn Party Flavored Marshmallow Peeps (These Peeps have sprinkles and are a {Read More}

Frozen Inspired Blue Raspberry Lemonade Rice Crispy Treats Recipe


With the new DVD release of Disney’s Frozen, this is a yummy Blue Raspberry Lemonade Rice Crispy Treats  are sure to make your kids’ tummy smile! Just like Olaf who likes warm hugs, parents will have fun making these Blue Raspberry Frozen Rice Crispy Treats with their kids! You will probably even get a warm hug from your kids! Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade Rice Crispy Treats 1/4 cup butter 6 cups of Rice Crispies 10.5 ounce bag of mini marshmallows {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen releases their Storybook Deluxe App! #ad


Sponsored With the release of Frozen this week, I was given the opportunity to review the Frozen Storybook application. It has a game and story mode as part of it! You can play them separate or the games can be embedded in to the story. The storybook app is narrated for you OR you can even record you own voice as you read it to play back. As the pages turn you have options to flip your iPad over to {Read More}

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Review: My favorite resort EVER!


Every year we take a family vacation to Disney! At least we “TRY” to go each year and in the past we have been very fortunate that we were able to set aside the available funds to go on such a magical vacation. We have stayed at the Disney’s Contemporary Resort 3 times. You definitely get what you pay for at this resort! Here are the TOP reasons I feel that everyone should stay at the Contemporary! Transportation: You have {Read More}