TONS of FUN Kids Lunch Ideas

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I am always looking for kid’s lunch ideas that are fun and creative. Lets be honest, I am not Martha Stewart. I have never been to jail. Just kidding you know what I mean. I am a picky eater and so is my husband. Can you believe that my kids are ALSO picky eaters. How would I know that if one of my daughters is only 11 months old. Sure, right now she likes to eat just about everything I {Read More}

List of Fun Things To Do When It is Cold Out!


Blow Bubbles: We like blowing colored bubbles! It is best to not do this when it is too windy! We also used a bubble gum! It is about $10 of fun entertainment! Bring SNOW IN the house. If you are lucky enough to have snow but hate the thought of being out in it, then grab some snow and bring it in your house for the kids to play. Using a big mixing bowl OR even bringing it in to {Read More}