Easter Egg Matching Game & Memory Game

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ABOUT Easter Egg Matching & Memory Game: Here is a great and easy game to create with your kids! This Easter Egg Matching & Memory Game is great for your pre-schooler! Cut out little Easter Eggs (or get them from a craft store already cut out). Place upper and lowercase letters on both each egg! Cut them in half! There are several ways you can play! Next time your pre-schooler is nagging for your attention, please give to their sweet {Read More}

Christmas Jammies Family Do it AGAIN with #BabyGotClass Back To School Video! #BTS

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How many families are excited for the little kiddos to go back to school! This Holderness family who was known for their Christmas Jammies video that went viral create a NICE Back to School video that is completely hilarious and dedicate it to their teachers! TELL me what you think about your kids going back to school? As a teacher I find this video adorable and love it! Going back to school can be bitter sweet.  Some families aren’t too {Read More}

…And this just happened! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent

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Sponsored. Pinch ME! Disney just sprinkled a little magic in my inbox this week and I am allowed to share with you all of the my magical press trip! As many of you know I LOVE movies and I love great television shows. I also love meeting stars whenever given the opportunity. Who doesn’t!?! This week I got an e-mail that started with “We are looking to invite 25 of our top bloggers to Los Angeles…”! I found out I {Read More}