People VIP Box Editor’s Picks #PeopleVIP #KloutPerk

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I received my #PeopleVIP #KloutPerk in the mail and I have chosen to share with all of you what it was about! I was so excited to get my People’s VIP Box in the mail!  You don’t know what comes in it until you get it and I just wanted to share with all of you what I was sent!  The items in this box are the latest trends from stars, and beauty and style editors of PEOPLE put it {Read More}

Maleficent Style: When evil meets beautiful. #Maleficent #MaleficentEvent

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Can a style be evil and beautiful? Maleficent means evil or harm! Disney’s new Maleficent is about the true ultimate villain. She places the curse on our loving Sleeping Beauty Princess, Aurora. The movie is going to tell the story about the Villain. I expect to see some amazing CGI effects. The previews and clips alone get me excited to see this. There is a huge star in this movie–Angelina Jolie! She is so beautiful and so evil! It made {Read More}

Jamberry: Get your nails to grow while looking nice!


One of my Facebook friends and fellow bloggers sells Jamberry Nails. I had some a while ago and never tried them. She was posting several pictures of them on Facebook and I was interested in possibly selling them. I can’t sell something that I don’t like and believe in so last Sunday I tried them for the first time. It took just a little bit of practice to get them on my nails. I think all but one looked pretty {Read More}