Jamba Juice: Peanut Butter Moo’d Smoothie Copycat Recipe

Jamba Juice: Peanut Butter Moo'd Smoothie Copycat Recipe

If you are big Jamba Juice fan you are going to love this Peanut Butter Moo’d Smoothie Copycat Recipe sent to me from Mom On The Side.  This is a Chocolate, Banana, Peanut butter Smoothie that is so delicious and easy to make.  It will definitely fill you up and satisfy that sweet craving that you might have.  Your kids will love them and they can even help you make it!  Here is how you make it. Ingredients:  1 cup chocolate milk {Read More}

Orange Flavored Sugar Cookies Recipe

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Here is a really sweet sugar cookie that is made with orange juice! The cookies are really good and they have just a hint of orange flavor. Most people won’t notice the orange flavor in the cookies unless you tell them. There is also no need to roll out dough and cookie cutters. The cookie dough is super soft and is best scooped in your baking pan with a spoon. Ingredients: 6 cups of flour 1 cup of orange juice {Read More}

Raspberry Lemonade Parfait Dessert Cups Recipe


Here is a great dessert recipe that you won’t want to miss!  Create some Raspberry Lemonade Parfait Cups for your family.  These two flavors and consistency comes together in a very yummy and sweet dessert.  You can find Lemonade Peeps all year round now so their is no reason to only wait around the holidays to purchase them.  Enjoy them all year around! Ingredients: Lemon Jell-O Lemonade Peeps Pound Cake Cool Whip Fresh Raspberries How to make: Cut up pound cake {Read More}

Sparkling Firecracker Soda that POPS!

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This drink is SO much fun to drink! It sparkles and pops! I had the brilliant idea of rimming a glass with pop rocks! When you drink pop with pop rocks it really makes them pop even louder and more vibrant! So I filled the glass with Sprite. Sprite already looks sparkly! So when you have sparkle and pop you have the perfect drink for you and your kids!  This recipe is super easy! You can rim your drink with {Read More}

Garlic Italian Meatballs Recipe from my Italian Mom!

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Here is a great Italian Meatball Recipe that you won’t want to miss out on bookmarking! My mom is from Italy and this is her recipe! We had a blast making them. Plus they are great to serve at the upcoming holiday! Add them to sauce or eat them plain! We like to make a lot and then freeze them. The recipe below makes about 60 meatballs! My kids eat them all up which is great because I have a {Read More}

The Easiest & Yummiest Pasta Sauce EVER Recipe!


I refuse to eat canned sauce. My parents are both from Italy and I don’t want to be disowned. I like eating pasta but I am not the best and cooking. So here is a really yummy and easy sauce to make! I have tried making it several ways and the steps I am giving you is the easiest and the yummiest!  The best thing is that it is ONLY 5 ingredients! Ingredients –A can of Petite Diced Tomatoes –A {Read More}

Greek Style Roasted Chicken With Baby Red Potatoes & Bell Peppers Recipe


If you are looking for a Greek Style main course you will want to try this very yummy Greek Style Roasted Chicken paired with baby red potatoes and bell peppers. It definitely makes for a very delicious meal! My sister cooked this for me when I went to Chicago and I needed the recipe because it was too good to pass up! Ingredients: –Chicken Breasts –Bell Peppers –Baby Red Potatoes –Garlic Pepper Seasoning –Oregano –Salt –Grated Ramano Cheese –Olive Oil {Read More}

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Cake Recipe

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Angel Food Cake Loaf.  VERY yummy Recipe!

  Here is a yummy patriotic red, white, and blue fruit cake!  This is a refreshing treat which is perfect for the summer and for those who have a sweet tooth.  It looks really pretty and tastes delicious.  Right now you can find fruit on sale at the grocery store and most of it is so fresh!  You can also find these ingredients at your local farmers market. Ingredients: Angel Food Loaf Strawberries (clean and cut) Blueberries (cleaned) Cool Whip {Read More}

4th of July: Red, White & Blue Strawberries Recipe


Bring on the the Fireworks because these Red, White and Blue Strawberries are very festive! Here is a 4th of July goodie that will make your kids and guests very happy! These Strawberries are easy to create!!!! They look pretty, no matter how messy you make them! Strawberries Red and Blue Food Picks & Toothpicks White Chocolate Melts or Wilton White Candy Melts Blue Sprinkles In a glass bowl melt the white chocolate or candy melts, stirring every 45 seconds. Dip {Read More}

Maleficent Inspired Dessert Pops Recipe

Maleficent Inspired Cake Pops Created With Something SUPER EASY!

I have been wanting Disney Maleficent treats so bad! I have seen cute cupcakes online but that is about it! I wanted some EASY to make Maleficent Treats! Not everyone is a cake decorator, we just want to create something easy and fun to share with our kids (or for grown ups like myself). There are two HUGE events happening this year: Maleficent is going to help REALLY kick off the summer movie season on May 30th! Sleeping Beauty’s 55th {Read More}