Nutella Pretzel Moose Dessert Recipe

All you need is some Cool Whip, Nutella, and Pretzels! Create a cool summer dessert that is very chocolatey and yummy!

Pretzels Nutella & Cool Whip! A yummy summer treat! Here is a yummy summer dessert treat that you won’t want to miss! All you need is some Cool Whip, Nutella, and Pretzels! It is really easy to do and so good! Plus it is pretty low in calories! I LOVE Nutella and so does everyone else in my family! Mix just a spoon full of Nutella to about a 1/2 cup of Cool Whip. Place a later of pretzels in {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Snowball Marshmallow Pops

snow ball pops frozen

Everyone loves Frozen!  What about enjoying some Frozen Snowball Marshmallow Pops!  These are great for a Frozen theme party!  These are also great desserts to enjoy if having a movie night!  My daughter LOVES Frozen and I have seen some adorable party themed ideas!  These are some of my favorites! Here is what you need: Marshmallows White Wilton Melting Candy Coconut and Food Coloring Chopstick or Sucker Stick  Directions: 1.  Grab some coconut and place it in a baggie.  Add {Read More}

Easiest Italian Broccoli Frittata


A great side dish to have at any meal is a Broccoli Frittata! This goes great paired with almost any meal and it is colorful. My mom cooks this as a side dish with almost any meal. There are different ways to cook it. The one pictured does not have any cheese but add cheese too it for some extra yumminess (and extra calories).  It makes a great side dish and is super easy to make! Ingredients: 1 cup of {Read More}

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Marshmallow Popcorn #Peepsonality #Spons


There is nothing better than popcorn that is “Frozen” together with marshmallow, right?!  How about popcorn that is frozen together with marshmallow peeps!?!  I have an almost 5 year old daughter and we LOVE watching the movie Frozen!  It is finally out on Blu-ray/DVD and it has been super popular!  Be sure to check it out and create this yummy snack for you and your family! Popped Pop Corn Party Flavored Marshmallow Peeps (These Peeps have sprinkles and are a {Read More}

Frozen Inspired Blue Raspberry Lemonade Rice Crispy Treats Recipe


With the new DVD release of Disney’s Frozen, this is a yummy Blue Raspberry Lemonade Rice Crispy Treats  are sure to make your kids’ tummy smile! Just like Olaf who likes warm hugs, parents will have fun making these Blue Raspberry Frozen Rice Crispy Treats with their kids! You will probably even get a warm hug from your kids! Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade Rice Crispy Treats 1/4 cup butter 6 cups of Rice Crispies 10.5 ounce bag of mini marshmallows {Read More}

Mom’s Italian Cannoli Recipe


My parents are both from Italy and I had to share their Italian Cannoli Recipe! These are yummy desserts that once you make once everyone will keep asking for more! One of these is a serving but people will always go for two or three! Trust me! If you don’t have the shells you can search because some stores sell them already made (they aren’t as yummy) but they will save you some time! Cannoli Filling –1 lb of drained {Read More}

Italian Steak Recipe: Carne Ammuddicata


This Italian Breaded Steak Recipe has been with my family for years! My parents are both from Italy and this is a GREAT meat to put with any meal! It goes great with some Italian Red Sauce and even some fresh greens! Added it in an Italian Steak Sandwich with this homemade Italian Bread Recipe and enjoy the yumminess you won’t want to miss out! The crispy breading is yummy! The steak is just the right layer of thinness that {Read More}

Rainbow Cupcakes Easy Recipe


Have you ever wanted to make a Rainbow Cake or Rainbow Cupcakes? It is super easy and looks super impressive! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, you can create, eat, and decorate these yummy cupcakes!! To create them, just make some white cake batter. Divide the batter by 4-6 colors! Use food coloring in several different bowls to create your mix. Then color by color fill the cupcake tins. I only used four colors in the cupcakes pictured: blue, yellow, {Read More}

Chocolate Banana Split Cupcakes Recipe


I wanted to create a cupcake that tasted like ice-cream.  I decided that I would add the flavors from a banana split to a cupcake.  So that is what I did!  I took good and yummy chocolate cake mix and I added two medium bananas!  I had my daughter help me smash the bananas before adding it in the mixer!  She loved banana smashing!  Then the fun part was the topping!  I topped it with all my favorite ice cream toppings! {Read More}