Car Seat SAFETY Tips: Become a Pro at Using Car Seats

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This month is Car Seat safety month, and when it comes to keeping my kids safe, I am totally obsessed.  I am the crazy lady who shares every video, article, and anything you can imagine to try to spread the word to keep my babies safe! So when Chicco sent me these tips, I wasn’t going to skip sharing them with everyone to make sure that everyone else is keeping their loved ones safe!  SO ENJOY these awesome tips! Become {Read More}

Drop Your Pants for #Underwareness #DropYourPants

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This article is sponsored by Depend. Imagine the following things: You are out with your girlfriends at dinner and you start laughing so hard! You have an unexpected sneeze. You decide to attend a new workout routine with lots of running and jumping. So…maybe you leak just a little bit with a few dribbles here and there. Depend is trying to raise bladder leakage awareness of this issue because lots of people have issues with this. Nothing to be super {Read More}

#ShareACoke Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Video! #ShareACoke

ShareACoke Pregnancy announcement

Have you seen the new #ShareACoke campaign? Social media is going crazy with everyone trying to find their name on a coke can! How cool is that if you can actually find your name. This adorable couple made this awesome video to announce their pregnancy! The McGillicuddys create this video while they are sitting down enjoying a refreshing Coke! As the wife drinks out of her husband’s coke they end up she ends up taking on a very manly voice. {Read More}

Stay Young Forever: Watch this amazing video of these two kids.

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Watching my kids grow up is a bitter sweet feeling. I have cried looking through old pictures. Here is an amazing video of two young kids. The oldest baby realized that her little brother isn’t going to be young forever. He was going to grow up. Like most adults kids struggle with change. I have two kids a 5 year old and a 1 year old who look similar in age to these two young kids. As I think some {Read More}

Fun Ways To Announce You Are Pregnant

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When I was asked to take a few pictures of my friend for her to announce her pregnancy, I thought about how society has changed where instead of just announcing the great news to JUST your family, you want to be able to share it online. This post has a few pictures that I took, along with some ideas on how to announce your pregnancy online. Create a picture of you holding a onesie and add simple text to it {Read More}

Tips on Improving Mom’s Bathroom Time Out #LetsTalkBums #ad

You know that moment when mom needs a time-out so she just hangs out in the bathroom?! These are tips to make that MOMENT better!

Thank you to Cottonelle for sponsoring this post and keeping my bum clean! #LetsTalkBums You know that moment when mom needs a time-out so she just hangs out in the bathroom?! Yes, that! I have a confession to make, sometimes I just hang out in the bathroom to try to get a break! I even take my laptop with me! Sure I might get a set of little fingers reaching through the bottom of the door. Sure I might get {Read More}