Did you know that the toilet bowl handle is cleaner than your kitchen faucet?: Spring Clean Checklist From Lysol #ad


Sponsored by Lysol: Have you ever watched those television specials about all the germs that live in the weirdest places that you touch all of the time?  Germs are everywhere and it is time to get yourself a FREE Printable Spring Clean Checklist. Just this week my oldest, who is 4 years old, was sick and throwing up.  YUCK! Those germs usually spread like wild fire and go to every member of the house.  I usually run around with my {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Printable Sleep Downloads!


  St. Patrick’s Day is THIS month!  There is nothing better than decorating your cupcakes with a few paper printables!  I created these for you in Photoshop!  They were a GREAT touch to my rainbow cupcakes I created!  They sure do beat the boring cupcake holder!  I KNOW I KNOW…it is what is INSIDE the holder that counts!  That is true, but the presentation of food is really important!  It is similar to the presentation of a gift.  So decorate {Read More}