Christmas Jammies Family Do it AGAIN with #BabyGotClass Back To School Video! #BTS

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How many families are excited for the little kiddos to go back to school! This Holderness family who was known for their Christmas Jammies video that went viral create a NICE Back to School video that is completely hilarious and dedicate it to their teachers! TELL me what you think about your kids going back to school?

As a teacher I find this video adorable and love it!

Going back to school can be bitter sweet.  Some families aren’t too thrilled with the idea and others are dancing around like crazy and just excited to get things done around the house!  I think routine is great and my biggest suggestions as a teacher would be:

1.  Next summer, try to keep routine regardless of their being school or not.

2. Have your kids take naps or just quit time.  Even if that means they need to go in their room for quiet time each day.

3. Get organized with a chore list.

Thank you again to the Holderness family for making me laugh!!!  I love this video!

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