Disney’s Frozen is Getting a Sequel!

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frozen sequel

Disney’s Frozen is getting a sequel!

I always ask myself WHY have a sequel when a movie is so good! The sequels are never the first and usually lose a lot of the magic. BUT it is Disney and they always find a way to bring magic in to every movie that they do. Frozen made more than ONE BILLION dollars in the box office so why would they NOT want to do a sequel? At least on the business side they totally SHOULD do it. Although I might say that I don’t think sequel’s are as great as the original, I would totally spend the $50 and take my family to go and see it! You better believe we would order popcorn, candy, and drinks while we are there too!

But this sequel is going to be a little different…

So what about this sequel? As of now, it isn’t going to be a movie sequel, but Disney is going to do a book release with Random House. They have worked with Random House with other book deals. Random House announced that they will have a NEW series next year and and the first two books will be “Anna & Elsa #1: All Hail the Queen” and “Anna & Elsa #2: Memory and Magic”.

The author of these series will be Erica David who has written many children’s books in the past!

Movie Sequel…

I am pretty sure it will happen one day…but for now we are going to have to get excited for the series!  I know I will have my series set!

(Information was read about from several news sources.)

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