Earth Day Lesson Plans About Disney’s Monkey Kingdom #MonkeyKingdomEvent

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Earth Day Lesson Plans

Earth Day Lesson Plans About Disney’s Monkey Kingdom is available for all families and educators to download and use! There are 8 sets of lessons and about 100 pages worth! There are resources, worksheets, activities, and more! These Monkey Kingdom themed lessons make the best Earth Day Lesson Plans!

8 Amazing Earth Day Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Where Do Toque Macaques Live?

Lesson 2: Who Shares a Banyan Tree with the Toque Macaques?

Lesson 3: How is a Toque Macaque Troop Organized?

Lesson 4: How Do Toque Macaques Communicate?

Lesson 5: What Life Events Do Toque Macaques Experience?

Lesson 6: How Does Biodiversity Impact Toque Macaques?

Lesson 7: What Types of Relationships Do Toque Macaques Develop?

Lesson 8: How Dangerous is the Journey to Water?

Watch Disney’s Monkey Kingdom Trailer


· For every ticket sold opening week (April 17-23, 2015), Disneynature will make a donation to Conservation International to help protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats.

· “Monkey Kingdom” is the sixth theatrical release for Disneynature, the first new Disney-branded film label from The Walt Disney Studios in more than 60 years. The label was launched in April 2008 to bring the world’s top nature filmmakers together to capture a variety of wildlife subjects and stories.

· The first five big-screen releases under the Disneynature label—“Earth,” “Oceans,” “African Cats,” “Bears” and “Chimpanzee”—are among the top six highest grossing feature-length nature films of all time.

· Walt Disney was a pioneer in wildlife documentary filmmaking, producing 13 True Life Adventure motion pictures between 1948 and 1960, including “Seal Island” (1948), “Beaver Valley” (1950), “The Living Desert” (1953) and “Jungle Cat” (1958). The films earned eight Academy Awards®.

Earth Day Lesson Plans

Earth Day Lesson Plans

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