Easter Egg Matching Game & Memory Game

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easter egg matching

ABOUT Easter Egg Matching & Memory Game:
Here is a great and easy game to create with your kids! This Easter Egg Matching & Memory Game is great for your pre-schooler! Cut out little Easter Eggs (or get them from a craft store already cut out). Place upper and lowercase letters on both each egg! Cut them in half! There are several ways you can play!

Next time your pre-schooler is nagging for your attention, please give to their sweet selves and help them practice their letters.

My best friend is a 1st grade teacher! One of the things she told me is to really make sure they know the difference between their upper and lower case letters because it makes writing and reading a lot easier for them.  If they aren’t struggling on how to write they can focus more on vocabulary, sentence structure, and more.  As a high-school teacher I really stress when Students Capitalize Every Random Word Of Their Sentence ;)!

Easter Egg Matching Game & Memory Game

TIME: It only takes about 5-10 minutes to set it up!

Keep them faced up and let your young kids put them together!

Mix them up and let them match them.

Play a memory like game and flip them over!

Easter Egg Matching Game & Memory Game



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