Who is the REAL Gabi Moskowitz? ABC Family’s Young & Hungry Blogger!

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If you haven’t been watching the new ABC Family show, Young & Hungry you will definitely want to watch it.  The show is brand new and they are just finishing up their first season.  The main character was inspired by a real food blogger called Gabi Moskowitz. Here is an Exclusive Interview with Gabi Moskowitz, ABC Family’s Young & Hungry Blogger!

After I attended L.A. and interviewed the cast and crew, I decided to reach out and find out “WHO is the REAL Gabi Moskowitz?”

Photo Credit: Gabi Moskowitz

Photo Credit: Gabi Moskowitz

1. How did you get started with Young & Hungry? Did they approach you or was this something that you had contacted them about?

Here’s  a blog post I wrote with the whole story. I was contacted by an agent in 2011, who set up meetings for me with production companies. I pitched a very loose idea of the show to several companies, eventually landing with The Tannenbaum Company (of Two-and-a-Half Men fame) and they liked it, we hired David Holden, and we eventually sold the show to ABC Family.

2. What does your job usually consist of while on set of the show?

My work is very much on the sidelines. I consult with the show’s writers on script and story details relating to San Francisco and food. I also filmed a web series with ABC Family, called Young & Foodie to go along with the show.

3. Do you work closely with April (the chef)?

No, the on-set food is separate from what I do.

4. What are you favorite blogs that you read besides you own?

Smitten KitchenEat the LoveStyle for Dorks, and Punk Domestics.

5. What is your background and experience in cooking?

I grew up cooking with my parents, and absolutely loved it. Right out of college, I got a job teaching kindergarten, and I did a lot of cooking in the classroom. Eventually I realized that food education was what I wanted to focus my energies on and I started catering and teaching cooking. In 2009, I founded BrokeAss Gourmet in an effort to educate readers about eating well on a budget.

6. What advice do you have for bloggers who are out looking for fame or wanting to do something similar to what you have done to achieve your success?

First of all, don’t go “looking for fame.” Blog for the sake of the subject of your blog and don’t bother blogging unless you are completely obsessed with it and love it more than anything. The key to blogging success is two-fold. First and most important: content, content content, meaning publish consistently high-quality content as often as possible. Secondly, be kind and generous with your social media. Promote your own stuff but read, Tweet with, and promote other bloggers too. That sort of generosity is important in the blogging world.

When you first get started, don’t worry about making money with your blog (that is hard to do for even the most popular of bloggers). Rather, think of your blog as a creative outlet and a place to explore ideas. This will help you find your writing voice (which will change over time as you grow as a blogger). If opportunities for publicity arise, consider them carefully and make sure they won’t damage your brand.

For more information, here’s a piece I wrote about blogging.

Finally, have fun. Sure, blogging can have a good impact on your career trajectory, but it’s supposed to be fun for you as well as your readers. When you love what you’re writing, it will translate on the page and your readers will come back for more.

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