Guardians Of The Galaxy 17 Minute Preview Review in 17 Seconds! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent

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I sent my husband to attend the 17 minute extended preview of Guardians of the Galaxy.  I really wanted the FREE poster!  Here is his recap in 17 seconds:

I attended this with Jake Phillips a moderator at the Unofficial Guardians of the Galaxy fan page. His recap will appease the die-hard fans much more. As for me I went into it excited, but completely open-minded. The only thing I know about the Guardians is what I’ve learned from trailers over the last couple of months.

Initial take away, funny. I mentioned to Jake that it was much funnier than the other Marvel movies, at least the part we were able to see. I stand by this, for those of you who only know Chriss Pratt as Andy Dwyer, he’s not Andy Dwyer, but you will not be disappointed. Gunn enlists his comic timing and sarcasm brilliantly from what I can see. If I didn’t know Groot was Vin Deisel and Rocket Raccoon was Bradley Cooper, I wouldn’t have known it from seeing this. Cooper’s voice was unrecognizable to me, but Rocket stole the clip.

Bautista plays Drax brilliantly. Wrestlers are known for their athleticism so that part shouldn’t surprise anyone, but his acting is the exact opposite of his WWE persona, or any WWE persona for that matter. The WWE creates larger than life, exaggerated and loud, vibrant personalities. Drax is subdued, angry, literal and unintentionally (intentionally) hilarious. In fact on reflecting on the way back from Overland Park while Jake and I were discussing our favorite part, his part, which was immediately forgotten during the show, made both of our lists.

This was 3D IMAX, so it was big, bright, brilliant, and loud. The 3D was crisp and not disorienting. The big, colorful Marvel Universe is kept in tact in this movie. This isn’t a film that will have lots of unnecessary explosions (I’m looking at you Transformers). There are plenty of explosions, but you don’t lose track of the plot.

I was excited about this movie going into the screening, I came home and downloaded comics after seeing this. I’m very excited and interested what this means to the “Everything fits together” model that is Marvel/Disney!


If it took you longer than 17 seconds to read this…start over and read a little faster!  This movie will be out in theaters on August 1st!  Be sure to follow me July 16-19 at #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent while I interview starts from the movie!   –Enza

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