Guardians of the Galaxy TOP Drax the Destroyer Quotes!

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After going to see Guardians of the Galaxy again, I fell in love with Drax the Destroyer even more. He is a character that holds a lot of baggage and revenge for Ronan and Thanos after they killed his wife and family in front of him years ago. He comes from a land that is very literal so any metaphor or figure of speech isn’t understood by him. Dave Bautista plays Drax and does a great job at playing this serious role that I found hilarious. Here are the TOP Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Quotes that I had to share!

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“Why would I put my finger on his throat?”

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“Nothing goes over my head!. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.”

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“Don’t ever call me a thesaurus”

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“I like your knife, I’m keeping it.”

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“This dumb tree is also my friend. And this green whore…”

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“Yes. Of course Ronan was only a puppet. It’s really Thanos that I need to kill.”

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“Well I wasn’t listening then, I was thinking of something else…”

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“You’re an imbecile.”

Want to learn more about Dave Bautista who plays “Drax”? Read my EXCLUSIVE interview HERE.

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