Jamberry: Get your nails to grow while looking nice!

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One of my Facebook friends and fellow bloggers sells Jamberry Nails. I had some a while ago and never tried them. She was posting several pictures of them on Facebook and I was interested in possibly selling them. I can’t sell something that I don’t like and believe in so last Sunday I tried them for the first time. It took just a little bit of practice to get them on my nails. I think all but one looked pretty good!

I wore them throughout the week. The hardest part to get use to was just having color on my nails. They looked pretty natural and unless you looked at my hands really close it was hard to tell that they were stick on wraps.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.38.44 PM

So what are Jamberry Nails? They are stick on wraps, that look like stickers. When you go to apply them you heat them up with a blowdryer and heater. You can actually see them start the stretch and melt a bit. You then apply them to your nails, trim them, and then file them. I am now interested in trying solid colors or just a plain white and pink french manicure!

I think their target market might be younger girls because of the bright colors and patterns that many of their styles have!  Check out Jamberry Nails!

My favorite part of wearing them was watching my nails grow for the week without any of my nails ripping or breaking. What a great way to get your nails to grow out!!!

One week of wearing them.  They stayed on (until I took them off) and I had nice nail growth!

One week of wearing them. They stayed on (until I took them off) and I had nice nail growth!

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    These nails look great! Really, to last almost 2 weeks on your fingers is amazing. Hope this helps you grow them out to try the other 300 designs that Jamberry offers. Thanks again for sharing!!

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