Kansas City Royals Advance to the World Series After 29 Years: Justice League Style!

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In Kansas City it’s hard not to get caught up in the Royals spirit right now, not only advancing to their first Playoff Berth since I was 4, but by winning an amazing Wild Card game, then sweeping the Los Angeles Angels and Baltimore Orioles in back to back series’ to advance to the World Series!

My hubby decided he wanted to acknowledge the terrific play by our dynamic outfield and came up with an idea that they were similar to the Justice League.

Here’s why he picked the superhero he did for each player:

For Alex Gordon I picked Superman. First he’s the unquestioned leader of the team, his work ethic is second to none. But it’s his reckless regard for his body, crashing into walls, diving and sliding into walls, face planting after stretching out for a ball that probably would be a hit against any other Left Fielder. He seems indestructible!

For Lorenzo Cain I picked Batman. Lorenzo wasn’t “born” with his super powers, but rather started playing baseball at the age of 15. In addition he has all of the tools, also like Batman who’s known for having a full arsenal to aid him in fighting crime. Because Lorenzo is the most well rounded player I picked Batman for him.

Jarrod Dyson is one of the fastest men in Major League Baseball. Picking The Flash for him was an obvious pick. His speed absolutely terrifies the opposing battery, and gives the man at the plate when he’s on base a tremendous advantage knowing to look for fastballs.

Nori Aoki as the Green Lantern might be the biggest stretch. But because of his creative nature at the plate and making the bat look like a noodle at times. He can get the bat to do so many different things that it’s as if he has some sort of power over it. In addition his very poor routes in the outfield that still lead to outs make you think he must just have a giant glove. Both the bat and glove could be explained if he had the Green Lantern’s ring.

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