NEW FAA Electronic Devices Make Flying With Kids Easier!

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Technology has made traveling with kids a lot easier. Some people might argue that technology shouldn’t be used to distract kids. I just traveled with my 10 month old and my 5 year old. Might decided that the new airline regulations regarding technology are great if you have kids with you.

The new law states that you can now use all Portable Electronic Devices during all phases of the flight. So there is no more having to tell your kids they can’t start that movie as you are waiting in your seat for 15 minutes, plus another 10 minutes until you are high enough in the sky.

Between the apps I have on my iPhone and our iPad, the flight went very smoothly for my kids. It was a short flight, if we were on a longer flight I could have timed it with how many movies she would have to watch until we got to our destination.

My 10 month old is way too young to play with my phone and iPad. When she started to fuss I opened the Koi Pond app and it totally distracted her when she started to fuss!

Here are the TOP things you can do with Electronics while flying with kids:

  1. Watch a movie.
  2. Play a game.
  3. Read an ebook.
  4. Learn.
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