Outdoor Spring Activities List – Great to get the kids outdoors!

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Outdoor Spring Activities

With Spring around the corner you are probably thinking of some fun activities that you can do outside with your kids! Playing outside and getting some fresh air can be therapeutic to you and your children. I know that allergies can sometimes get in the way but for me find that play time is very enjoyable. It also lets my kids burn off some much needed energy. Here is a list of fun activities that every kid loves.

Outdoor Spring Activities List


  1. Going to the park! Take you little ones to the park to play.
  2. Picnic: Pack your sandwiches and visit a place to eat outside. Even near an outdoor mall is fun!
  3. Fly a kite!
  4. Sidewalk chalk: Encourages creativity and fun!
  5. Blowing bubbles: WE love blowing bubbles outside! You can buy safe buttles too if you have really little ones!
  6. Picking flowers and/or planting them!
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