Picture Day: Top 5 Picture Day Tips EVERY Parent Must Know

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With picture day right around the corner for your kid there are some tips that you will want to keep in mind to have them ready to go!

  1.  Hair day practice run through.  Style their hair the way you want it for pictures prior to picture day.  Then determine on how well it was put together by the time you picked them up for school.  You might not know what time their class gets called for pictures, but the last thing you want to do is try for a cute side braid and then get a style that looks like a good ol’ rope mop. 🙂
  2. Pack for a clean lunch.  Stay away from packing cheetos, doritos, and anything really messy.  You aren’t there with 5 wipes trying to clean your kids’ face and it really isn’t the teachers responsibility to check every single detail on 25 students.
  3. Have them wear something that fits the weather.  You don’t’ want them to be hot all day where they begin to look clammy.
  4. Choose colors that will look good.  Darker colors seem to look better in pictures and might hide some of the stains they might acquire in the day, also it might bring attention to their cute face!
  5. NO PRESSURE: Don’t add more pressure to your kid about smiling right, and which way to look, etc.  The photographer will place them how they want.  I remember my 4th grade picture my sister told me to try to face toward the side. Every time the photographer would give me direction I could only hear my older sister’s voice telling me to face to my side.  So while the entire class was looking at the camera at a slight angle, I looked like I was taking a mug shot profile picture.
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