Southwest Airlines: Everything you get for FREE!

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Flying Southwest to save some money!  Check out everything you get that other airlines might charge you for!



FREE Dish Television!: If you haven’t flew in a while you might want to consider flying southwest. Other airlines tack on so many extra fees that you have gotten use to getting out your credit card each flight to enjoy the simple pleasures (that were never there years ago) like internet. Although Southwest does charge for Internet, they have some features that are pre-loaded that you can checkout without even having to buy Internet! Like FREE Dish Network! The current stations that they have on your flight include Bravo, Fox Sports 1, CBS, Discovery Channel, Fox News, CNBC, Dish, CBS, Fox 5, HGTV, Cartoon Network, TLC, Golf, Food Network, Animal Planet, Fox Business, Travel, NFL Network, and msnbc! Isn’t this truly amazing! You don’t have to pay ONE penny to watch any of these channels. Just don’t forget your ear buds because the person next to you who keeps snoring is enjoying their free rest.

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2 FREE Checked in Bags!: I have been doing quite a bit of traveling and it is super annoying to be charged to take your bags with you. You are traveling and of course you are going to have stuff! Now I have to figure out how to sneak bags inside of bags, overload my hands with carry on only items just to avoid paying $25 a bag for each way of my trip. When I fly Southwest, my bags fly for FREE! So I can check in two bags, keep my hands free from too many carry on, and just enjoy flying in the tightly fit aircraft.

FREE Games to Play: So there isn’t very many on their site now. BUT I know that the games I like to play on flights like Soduku and Crossword Puzzles are on my site electronically. So I don’t have to worry about grabbing the magazine in the pocket of the seat in front of me and already have all of the puzzles filled out. I can grab the puzzles straight from the site.

FREE Snacks and a Drink: This isn’t anything special. I have never been on a flight where snacks haven’t been served. I also don’t want a full meal on a plane because the idea of having someone next to me chow down with their open mouth eating something really smelly like pickles or ketchup grosses me out. I like the non-smelly and non yucky snacks like the Nabisco snacks and peanuts that Southwest likes to feed my growling belly.

FREE Rapid Reward Points. Right now you will find out that you can score TRIPLE points when you fly Southwest. Some you frequent flyers are only able to score double points, but these points can all add up to free flights! SO enjoy!

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