Things You Should Know Before Booking a Hotel With Kids!

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If you are going out of town with children, what are things you should be asking for or looking for if you have kids?  I created a list of things I want to know and look for!  Keep in mind that I have an infant and a toddler.

  1. Is there a fridge in the room? I am a big fan of making sure that their is a fridge. When you are traveling with kids there are always bottles, and drink cups, and milk that you will want to have readily available. Having the convenience of a fridge is a great way to be sure you can have these items without having to toss them.
  2. Is there a pool? Whether you are staying in a hotel for vacation or for a family trip, ANY hotel stay is a vacation in a child’s eye! Make the best of it. Find out whether or not there is an indoor or outdoor pool. If so, be sure to pack all your swimsuits. What a fun and easy way to get your kids to burn off some much needed energy by taking them for a swim. I still have memories growing up when we would stay at at hotel that had a pool and my sister and I would have a blast swimming!
  3. Do they have free wifi? I am a technology geek! Although I want wifi for selfish reasons since I LOVE social media and I am always blogging, Netflix and online games are a great way to utilize free wifi at a hotel.
  4. Is there a nearby general store? You are going to want to have the convenience of being able to buy some things that you might need or want that you might have forgotten at home.
  5. Does the hotel have laundry facilities for guest to use? Okay if you have kids, you have been out and and about and all of a sudden there is an accident…you know the one I am talking about what do you do now. I have been known to wash stuff in the hotel tub/sink. The bed case scenario I have had when traveling is when I have been able to do a load of wash before going home. It is SO nice to come home and have all clean clothes in your luggage.
  6. Do they have a pull out crib? If you need it, you want it. You baby/kid might not actually sleep in it, but did you know it was GREAT to let them play in it. Also, it is a great place to put all your kids.
  7. Location with walking distance…easier to walk then travel by car if you are kids are still in car seats! If the city has a public transit system that is usually easy too if you have easy access to it.


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