Tips on How to SAVE Money On Your NEXT Disney World Vacation!

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Here are some EASY tips on SAVING money on your next Disney Family Vacation!

I am going to put a little bit of a disclaimer on these 5 tips to save money in Disney World on your next family vacation. IF you are going to do Disney, try not to cut too many corners because you want your time to be ENJOYABLE! I travel with babies and toddlers each time I have gone and I found that being productive and getting the MOST out of our time makes our vacation run very smooth and if we do it right, we can save some money!

6. If you are a PIN Trader be sure to purchase your pins BEFORE you leave for your trip! You can buy about 20 of them for ONLY about $20 on Ebay!

5. If you are staying on a Disney Resort don’t forget to pick up your FREE refillable drink cup! Before you leave for the parks fill it up! This can save you from having to purchase drinks!

4. Use Garden Grocers or bring your own snacks!! You can schedule less meals if you are okay with having Granola bars, and fruit snacks, and gold fish in your room already! This also helps save time. It is so easy to get the kids ready and let them eat their breakfast while getting to the resort!

3. Stay ON the resort! What? Why? Isn’t it more expensive!?! I think you can cut your vacation time by half if you stay on a resort. You get special park hours, you get special fast past privileges that you didn’t have if you were to stay off of the resort. Plus, you don’t have to wait parking lines and walk forever before getting in to the park.

2. Get a Disney Dining Plan? What? Why? Here is another one the other frugal people might disagree with me…If you KNOW you want to meet princess and characters, if you schedule character meals to meet your favorite characters, you save hours waiting in line. This can also cut your vacation to a shorter time span, saving you on hotel, food, park passes, etc. I never wait a line more than 30 minutes. That is the MOST I will wait! I try to skip all lines that are 15 minutes or more…unless I REALLY want to go or see the ride/character.

1. Buy your souvenirs BEFORE you go, or if you have kids give them each a budget by buying them gift cards to use. We were way over budget when we kept seeing these adorable toys and shirts etc. at all of the adorable shops! If you get each kid their own budget and buy them a Disney Gift Card, once they spend that money there is no more to purchase.

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  1. ARCNurse says

    #1- Be careful when buying pins over the internet. Many of the pins you are purchasing are not official Disney Trading Pins and they are worth a lot less, if nothing at all.

    #2- There are no “free refillable drink cups”. The cups you are talking about are part of the Disney Dining Plan and they are not free. The cost of those cups is factored into the cost of your dining plan. The other thing about those cups is that they can only be used at your resort. They can not be used in the parks or at other resorts unless you are just getting water.

    #3- The Dining Plan is not for everyone. Really weigh the pros and cons of the Dining Plan before purchasing it. The plan can save you lots of money if you eat a lot of sit down meals and order the most expensive thing off every menu. It also means no flexibility in what you get to eat (ask for an appetizer and you pay out of pocket) Have a picky older child (8 yrs old) who doesn’t like the things being served on the kids menu and you end up paying out of pocket again. You can plan character meals just as easily without using the Dining Plan. And the Dining Plan has nothing to do with the amount of time you are spending in line at rides. You need to make fast passes in order to save yourself time in line.

    I do agree with purchasing souvenirs before you go. Just hide them from the kids and instead give them out as treats during the vacation. The gift cards are always a good idea as well.

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