TONS of FUN Kids Lunch Ideas

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TONS of FUN Kids Lunch Ideas for the PICKY eaters!

TONS of FUN Kids Lunch Ideas for the PICKY eaters!

I am always looking for kid’s lunch ideas that are fun and creative. Lets be honest, I am not Martha Stewart. I have never been to jail. Just kidding you know what I mean. I am a picky eater and so is my husband. Can you believe that my kids are ALSO picky eaters. How would I know that if one of my daughters is only 11 months old. Sure, right now she likes to eat just about everything I give her if she is hungry. I did notice something hilarious when I was out of town and I made a video. We had some Sesame Street cereal at home that I have been giving her instead of Cheerios. I always noticed that she would eat some and the usually leave the rest. While observing her after she had been eating them for months I noticed her being very picky. She was ONLY eating the “O” shapes and leaving all the “X” shapes. They both taste exactly the same. I never taught her to choose only a certain type of food, but her little mind at ONLY 10 months was smart enough to sort through items. Perhaps my child’s cognitive development is a lot higher than the average kid. After all, she is my daughter so she must be a super genius right?!

So with school time quickly approaching it was only appropriate that I come up with a list of creative lunches to share with all of you that you can read, copy, and/or make your own ideas when the ones listed!

Here is a NICE round up of some awesome lunch ideas!

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  11. (DINO PIC)
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