Top 10 Carry On Items for the Minimalist! #JuicyFruitFunSide #CollectiveBias

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I have done and do a lot of traveling. With it being summer that means there is a lot of travel on my end and a lot of fun!  I don’t want to pack my bags without my Juicy Fruit gum.  I was able to try out the new Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum and the Fruity Chew bottle that was being sampled at our local Walmart! Be sure to look for it at yours because I scored some awesome coupons on mine!

I figured out the must have items that you should always carry with you. Most of my trips, even if they are 4-5 days long, I get everything in my carry-on luggage! So I created a list whether you are checking in a bag OR just traveling with a carry-on that you MUST have. Sure I left some things off…but the stuff I left off you can probably score from the front desk of many hotels. So those are things that you can throw in your check-in luggage in case it is lost or gets delayed. The idea is that you can live out of your carryon for at least a day if you had to!

  1. Phone: (I use my phone for my boarding pass, my contacts, my calendar, and just about everything you can think of. So not only should you have your with you at all times it needs to be easily accessible in your outside pocket to get in and out during security checks.
  2. One clean outfit: If you have one outfit set aside in your carry-on bag this will help just in case your bag gets lost, you get stuck in an unwanted city, or you run short on time and need to do a quick outfit change for a meeting, event, or even to run to the beach.
  3. Pillow: This is something I personally can go without. BUT if you have one of those little inflatable travel pillows and think you might need to catch up on some sleep, then pack this in that bag too!
  4. Wallet: Do I need to explain? This also should be near your phone in an outside pocket. Remember to keep your pockets faced TOWARD you so you are less likely to get robbed. Seriously. 🙂 I think about everything!
  5. Work Items: Laptop, Notebook, etc.
  6. Medications: Including a spare contact lens.
  7. Toiletries: Be sure to not only take them with you but keep them in little zip lock bags. This is not only for regulation reason but you REALLY don’t want your gooey face wash to get all over your stuff.
  8. Chargers: You definitely want the chargers to all your electronics, but I never leave home without an external charger. Trying to find a place to charge your phone and laptop at the airport is like 20 hungry dogs fight for one bone! So at least you can get some juice to at least charge your phone or tablet if you need it!
  9. Snack: Something that will give you a bit of energy when you need it and fill your belly. The gum might be very yummy but it isn’t going to help this hungry mommy!Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.49.46 PM
  10. Gum: More specifically, the new Juicy Fruit gum (who is sponsoring this post). It is fun, bite size, you don’t have to worry about unwrapping little pieces, and it is very yummy. Gum can help with ear popping, and with travel times you might not get to eat when your hungry starts growling so gum always helps suppress my appetite just a little bit which is usually just what I need until I can grab some peanuts from the flight attendant.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.50.02 PM

Okay so lets talk Juicy Fruit! Traveling is fun and so is this new gum!  This post was make possible because of #JuicyFruitFunSide #CollectiveBias!  My favorite is the Juicy Fruit Fruity Chew bottle!  It makes sharing easy and I love not having to unwrap each piece of gum.  Very easily can be put in my carry on luggage without the thought of it getting smashed, melting, and ruining any of my items!


This Juicy Fruit stand was right near the sample lady in our food section! You can see the bubble gum and the fruity chews!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.49.30 PM

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