TOP 10 Quotes Heard from City Girls at a Dude Ranch

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Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored by the Dude Ranchers Association and Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. This post was not sponsored, but just fun to write!

Dude Ranch FUNNY Quotes

Funny weekend quotes from 5 city girls trying to explore nature during a week long dude ranch trip! Lets be honest, all of our husbands questioned our visit to a Dude Ranch. I am a total city girl who jumps at bugs, cries when she sees mice, and confused with country living. When it comes to visiting the country, I am not naive, I am not dumb, I am just very uncultured. I jumped with excitement for the opportunity to test my limits and challenge my fears. I totally pictured scenes from “Hey Dude” and “Salute Your Shorts”, some of my favorite childhood TV shows. The most exciting part of planning my trip to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch was having a reason to purchase my first set of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are absolutely adorable and stylish, but without a reason to purchase them I never did.

Before you read my top 10 quotes let me give credit to the city girls these voices came from: Stefanie from, Stephanie from, Molly from, and Heidi from

10. I think I am ready to touch a goat.
9. Will the horse lay down so that I can get on it?
8. Where is the closest Walmart or Target?
7. I will ride that horse, but I am not touching it.
6. Aww why is that mommy leaving that goat, I will nurse that goat.
5. Can I buy a baby goat?
4. Time to take a selfie with that horse!
3. Where is the wifi?
2. Guess what in 20 minutes, we get to go shoot some things!
1. I am going to do this stupiditidly! Is that a word? It is now!

All of these quotes are filled with amazing memories! We had no clue what we were getting into when we agreed to visit a Dude Ranch and boy not one of gals would ever regret this trip. We not only bonded as a group but we all were able to explore and test our limits For me getting up to over 300 feet to zip line was VERY challenging for me. I have never even been on a rollercoaster. I never take risks, and I am ultra conservative. Coming to a dude ranch, where I knew that I would feel socially awkward was tough enough. As I was doing it, it felt like I was flying, I want to try it again, and I loved it. What was the trick? I let them set me up, and I sat in the harness seat, and closed my eyes the entire time. It took about 3 seconds and I opened them, screamed, closed them, opened them, screamed, opened them, screamed, closed them, screamed. So every time I felt scared, I learned that if I close my eyes I couldn’t SEE how high I was. That was my true fear! I didn’t overcome my fear—I faced it and learned how to help it.

The zip-lining activities weren’t meant to be scary, but fun! They have other parts of the course where you walk a tight rope very high up in the air, a swing to swing from in the trees, and also a free jump!

Be sure to consider planning your next trip to the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas!

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